Videos of Past Shows

Here are some of our show videos and improvised songs.  

(But for the best experience please come and watch us live on stage!)



Shows and Promos 



The Music Box of Horrors




Bunker Lunker 


Divorce The Musical 

Audience Feedback


Music Box at Espontâneo Improv Festival



Early Promo Reel


Interview on Gaydar Radio





Improvised Christmas Album 
We made some Christmas songs. Our followers on Twitter gave us titles, which were then revealed to the performers immediately before the ‘record’ button was hit. Then for three of them, we made cartoons. Thanks to Sarah Ann Masse, Rowan-Brook Thompson, Ails See and ‘Non-Multiplex’ for the titles.


A Tesco Value Christmas

Christmas Dead

Who Stole The Flake From My Selection Box?

Stable Rock


What’s in the Pie?

Santa’s Coming

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus