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“Music Box keeled the crowd into fits of laughter”

– TenEighty Magazine

“Their sheer amount of brainpower and comedic instinct led to hilarity.”

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“Music Box is a brilliant idea that creates a wonderfully zany hour-long show”

– Reading Post

“Never did I imagine that I’d watch an entire musical based around a huge roundabout in Swindon, or if that bizarre situation happened to arise, that it would be so entertaining. … Ours had pretty much everything you want from a comedy musical — a Poundland ghost, a tenuous love story, singing flowers and a gardener with dual personalities. There was madcap driving around roundabouts, magic wands and an evil father — all completely silly, and thoroughly entertaining.”

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“Each number was slick and well-placed, offering amusing segues between scenes. Characters were clear-cut and defined from each other.”

– A Younger Theatre

“As a cast of strong and capable performers, they transitioned fluidly from scene to scene with little hesitation. Accompanied by a small band consisting of a guitar and keyboard, each number was slick and well-placed, offering amusing segues between scenes. Characters were clear-cut and defined from each other – an essential facet for an improvised musical – with James Witt and Andrew Gentilli in particular contrasting nicely in an amusingly awkward date scene. Music Box: The Improvised Musical is a light-hearted show with endless possibilities. The cast don’t take themselves too seriously and the focus is definitely on entertaining us.”

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“Fun, random, hilarious & certainly unique!”

– Camden New Journal

“Chemistry between cast meant it was like funniest night amongst friends.”

“Hysterically brilliant”

– A Younger Theatre

“A joy to watch with their absurd imaginations and creations of cockney teenage squirrels, and a round of applause for how they managed to put together an improvised musical that was not a total disaster. It was a pleasure to watch a bunch of professional adult actors create story time again, like when we were at school. Huge comedic craziness.”

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“Lively, sharp, superior improvised fun!”

– Remote Goat

“Music Box are a colourful, mixed bunch selected from other improvising troupes such as The Maydays, Oxford Imps, Cannonball and NewsRevue. The talent on show when they work jointly is a pleasure and delight to behold. I liked the show so much I saw it twice!”


“This one’s brilliant.”

– Fringe Guru

This one’s brilliant. In a genre that’s grown so popular it sports its own clichés, Music Box stand out for their ambition, their variety, their creativity… and the fact they actually can sing.

“This is the purest style of improv—with no host and no off-stage conferring … Music Box offer something even more rewarding: a precious sense of shared adventure, as the seemingly impossible takes shape before our eyes.”


“Couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic headliner

– 7 on Red

“Music Box took us on a wonderful journey through the imagination using only two suggestions from the audience and all in perfect 4/4 time! Could not have asked for a more fantastic headliner to our Rogues Variety Performance! 6 stars.”


“The ensemble can turn their hands to a vast range of musical styles.”

– Fringe Guru

“Unlike their big-name rivals, Music Box play a “pure” form of improv: one where there’s no off-stage conferring, no control-freak director, and no going back on a blurted-out line. The possibility of failure is alarmingly real, but – like watching a high-wire circus act – it’s that very sense of danger which makes it rewarding to watch. The result’s not as slick or polished as more pragmatic acts can achieve, but there’s a genuine sense of shared adventure about it all, and real strengths and weaknesses to both contrasting styles.”

“The ensemble’s members can turn their hands to a vast range of musical styles, from the tense spine-tingler through to upbeat hip-hop. The obligatory showstopping finale brought the musical themes together with finesse, and the plot, remarkably, had enough meat on its fishy bones to make us care about the characters’ dilemmas and dreams.”


“A hilarious, high energy show full of great songs, clever plot twists, and weird and wonderful characters.”

– Accidental Festival, Roundhouse Camden

“We are delighted to have hosted Music Box at the Accidental Festival 2012. A hilarious, high energy show full of great songs, clever plot twists, and weird and wonderful characters. The audience had a ball, our team was in stitches, and the cast were not only consummate, enthusiastic professionals, but lovely people with it.”


“I was really impressed by the show.”

– Improv America

“The night I saw Music Box I was really impressed by the show. The characters were formed quickly and sustained throughout and were very likeable too. The songs were well sung and often very funny and the humour never relied on smut or lowest common denominator jokes which is sometimes the danger with improvised songs.”


“A lovely, funny and slick night of improvised musical comedy.”

– Earl’s Court Festival

“What amazed me was it was all there, the opening song, the love number, the big finish. If you like a good sing-song, you’ll love this. Music Box? Tick! These people are actually talented. All in all this was a lovely, funny and slick night of improvised musical comedy by a talented group.”

And from our Edinburgh audience…

“That was f*cking incredible… I have no idea how you guys did that but it felt like magic… I’d pay good money to see that on the West End or something. It was better than Avenue Q.”

“Music Box–dynamic, original and captivating. I haven’t laughed so much or felt so much a part of a performance as I did with Music Box. Would recommend their night to anyone who wants to have a good time!”

“So funny I spat my wine across five rows of people and right up onto the stage. I would recommend this to everyone (the show not the wine spitting).”

“It’s like Glee on crack.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed last evening’s show and were genuinely very impressed with the standard—they deserve to be on the telly!”

“Dynamite stuff.”